At Beech Forklifts we offer a range of professional training courses that count towards a professional Driver CPC. Let’s take a look at some of the important ways this driver cpc training can benefit you.

It’s a legal requirement for LGV drivers to undertake 35 hours of professional driver training every 5 years. Now while mandatory training might sound like a headache, especially if you are already a professional, experienced driver, it can provide a number of great benefits.  

It Will Make You A Better Driver  

Now you might already be a very good driver, but CPC training will make you a great one! Training will help you understand your place on the road and enable you to assess potential dangers more quickly and efficiently. It’s a great way to sharpen your driving skills too.  

It Will Make You Healthier  

This might seem like a strange benefit at first but think about it like this, drivers especially those of larger vehicles will often feel fatigued and tired. You might also have picked up some bad eating or sleeping habits over the years.  

CPC training will help you assess your needs and show you how to improve your health. Just because you’re driving a lot doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly does it? Many people learn a lot about improving their health both physically and mentally with CPC training.  

It Will Help With Employment Opportunities  

Professional and recent CPC training can be a huge help when it comes to gaining future employment especially if you’re looking for a career change or are considering self-employment. It’s also an essential qualification for lorry, coach, and bus drivers.  

So, you can see our Drivers CPC training provides a number of amazing benefits and some you might never have thought of before.  

The courses we offer at present are:

TACHOGRAPHS AND WALK ROUND CHECKS – This covers all the legal requirements for operating both a digital and analogue tachograph. Operator licencing, the role of DVSA on the roads, and concludes with an in depth look at the Daily Walkround Checks.
FIRST AID – This gives you basic first aid skills and can also count towards an Ofqual approved Emergency First Aid at Work qualification.
YEARLY REFRESHER – This is just a general update on industry news, a recap on tachographs, safe loading, safe driving, and highway code.